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Hi, and welcome to the Official Elle Jasper website. I have UPDATED! You'll find some new stuff in the pages, so check them out (including a new Contest for the release of Book Three, EVENTIDE--you do NOT want to miss out on it!).

Also, for those who are visiting here for the first time and haven't read the previous Dark Ink Chronicle books, I'm leaving most of this series intro so you can see what's going on in creepy dark Savannah, and the life of my heroine, Riley Poe.

And as you'll find on the News page, there will be (at least!) two more Dark Ink Chronicle books! I've sold Book Four, tentatively titled BLACK FALLEN, and Untitled Book Five to NAL! In BLACK FALLEN, Riley has gained so many vampiric tendencies that she has to do SOMETHING with them. The saga takes a new twist as she, along with a few vampires, a werewolf or two, and a couple of mysterious immortals take on lethal dark fallen angels in the ancient city of Edinburgh, Scotland. Read the teaser here.

As you sift through the pages of the website (really, take your time, pour over the pages), you can find out a little about me on the ABOUT page, as well as mini-bios of Riley and Eli (other characters soon to follow) on the EXTRAS and BOOKS pages. Wanna see what Riley sees when she looks at Savannah? Check out my PHOTOSHOW on the EXTRAS page. Also on the EXTRAS page you  can follow links to find out more about the wicked-cool Gullah culture, join my Newsletter for all updates, and catch my latest ramblings in my Blog, Facebook, and come on--TWEET with me. Enter my upcoming contests for the release of AFTERLIGHT, and check out my signings and appearances in the NEWS section.

Also, check out Riley’s Play list on my blog—a collection of kick-ass music that really pulls Riley (and me!) into the zone while working.
You can CONTACT me at elle@ellejasper.com.

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